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New Money

With dozens of opportunities, where should your economic developer focus his or her attention. The simple answer is New Money.

New money to Pickens County is realized when a good or service is paid for by someone outside of the county.

What does this look like? It’s Prodigy Boats delivering a new boat to an owner that lives of state. It’s Jeep Hut delivering the “newly improved” jeep back to an owner from Blairsville. It is a package of Mama Geraldine’s Cheese straws bought in Mobile, Alabama.

It’s also a skilled trades person living here and working construction in another county or an IT worker writing code from their spare bedroom. It’s a tourist coming to, or through, Pickens and spending money while here. All are bringing new money into Pickens County.

Staying focused on new money is the path to a prosperous future.

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