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Resources, Big and Small

On-the-Job Training Reimbursement Halves Costs

Set up your company in the program. Identify the new hire; that person must qualify as unemployed, displaced, or underemployed. It will be relatively easy to find underemployed people in the wage ranges you are offering.

Depending on the job’s skill level, the benefit runs three to six months, providing 50% of their wages; if your company is under 50 employees, reimbursement is 75%.

Just submit your payroll documents and a check comes back. It’s just that simple.

Incumbent Worker Training Program

Are you considering upgrading your equipment, software or processes? Will you require significant training for groups of your staff? Wouldn’t it be great if the state had a program to help pay for your existing workers to gain new skills, stay with your company, sharpening your competitive edge? The Incumbent Training Program does just that.

The best part is you get to lump the training program fees with worker wages, as employees work through the class, and get back a percentage of the total dollars. Your part of the cost varies: under 50 employees - 10%; 51-100 employees - 25%; more than 100 employees - 50%.

Federal Employee Bonding Program

With employees hard to find, you might want to consider giving an eager, at-risk person a chance. Hiring a new, at-risk employee may mean enlisting ex-offenders, recovering substance abusers, even people with poor credit or bankruptcy. Hiring them might be difficult if they can’t be bonded. The free Federal Employee Bonding Program, underwritten by the Union Insurance Group, eliminates this hurdle for you and the employee, insuring employers against theft, forgery or embezzlement by the bonded employee. The program opens a whole new pool of potential employees that are motivated to get -- and keep -- a good job.


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