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The Two Hats of Small Business

Small business owners and entrepreneurs must be strong in two areas: subject matter expert, and business owner. Another way of saying it is working “in” your business, and working “on” your business. Regardless, the State of Georgia has strong support for both of the entrepreneur’s hats.

For support working in your business, GA Tech offers a wide range of technical support for any manufacturing, distribution or technology-based business.

For support working on your business, UGA Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is at your finger-tips to help with any business operation challenges in Finance, HR, Marketing and much more.

You can capture any opportunity and meet any challenge with such a strong team.


Georgia's Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) offering online webinars

Need help to wrangle a loan, navigate new media and maximize profit? SBDCs in Marietta and Rome are closest to Pickens County. Below is a sample of courses and costs; future courses are listed on their sites. Staff is ready to help!


Marketing Mondays: Manage Your Social Media in Thirty Minutes a Day, July 12, 10-11AM $29

The One Percent Solution, July 21, 10-11 AM, $29

Marketing Mondays: Taking Advantage of New Instagram Features to Promote Your Small Business, July 26, 10-11 AM, $29


Getting the Loan You Need, August 18 10-11:30 AM $39

Mastering Quickbooks Online: Sales & Payments, Accounting, Finance, August 18, 12-1 PM, $29

Reading Your Financial Statements 101, August 25, 10 AM-Noon $39

How Your Pricing Decisions Impact Your Profits, September 15, 9-11 AM, $39

Starting a Business, September 21, 10 AM-Noon

Ready, Aim Fire! Marketing Online -

Beginner: September 22, 9-11 AM, $39

Intermediate: September 29, 9-11 AM $39


Georgia Manufacturers Extension Partnership (MEP) -

Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute is a member of the National MEP network, supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and champions Georgia’s manufacturing sector.

GaMEP can help build “lean” processes, reducing waste and improving productivity.

Lean manufacturing assessments provide solutions and implementation, all working together to increase profitability. Pickens is a part of the Northwest region, served by John Zegers, 404-435-9124.



International Trade Assistance Program

Selling a regionally unique product across the planet really makes a business boom - though, scaling up across geopolitical boundaries might pose obstacles.

“Go Global Georgia” offers reimbursement to eligible small businesses for pre-approved export efforts, in partnership with the US Small Business Administration. The program helps small business exporters stretch marketing budgets, developing and expanding global markets.

Most applicants are eligible for up to a 50% reimbursement, with a $6000 cap.

Companies may apply for two approved export activities at any time through September 1, 2021.

Suggested applications include exporting training programs, design and translation of print and digital marketing materials, website globalization, international market travel, and international trade show booths and travel costs.

Go Global Georgia will increase capacity and ability to connect Georgia businesses to markets around the world.

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