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What is Grow Pickens?

Grow Pickens was established in a joint effort between leaders of Jasper City and Pickens County. This entity exists to be an advocate for existing businesses and residents in Pickens County, as well as a recruiter of new businesses and future residents. 

Grow Pickens is led by CEO and President, Green Suttles, the Development Authority and eight board members appointed by the Board of Commissioners. This organization is funded by the City of Jasper with the intention of expanding the county’s tax-base. 

Jasper City Councilman Dr. Sonny Proctor believes that Grow Pickens will be a beneficial addition to the area because “the economic development model we are establishing in Jasper and Pickens County is one that has been proven in other communities across the state.” 

Ultimately, Grow Pickens aims to produce successful and significant economic development efforts by communicating that Pickens County is a great place to locate your business and raise your family.


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